Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Christmas Fun Study...

***This is a revised edition of the 2009 unit All Christmas! A Fun Study! If you purchased the previous edition, you will receive this revised unit free of charge in an email.***

This unit leans more towards the secular events of Christmas. This unit is suggested for grades K-3 but is very flexible for lower & higher grades. All Christmas! A Fun Study! is intended to be read by the parent/teacher. It is a lesson that speaks directly to the child. It was created to be fun and not overwhelming. The child will feel involved in the lesson, while learning about Christmas. Some of the topics covered include a little of each:

information and activities about the Christmas holiday, Christmas symbols, the Christmas tree, varieties of trees, decorating the tree, Santa Claus, gifts, being thankful, family & friends, Christmas dinner, reindeer, poinsettia, animal crackers (yep, animal crackers!), and more.

Also included are word searches, mazes, comprehension worksheets, coloring pages, facts cards, game cards, and lapbook folds and flaps for creating a simple lapbook.

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