Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Day - Holiday Study Series

The Fifty States Volume 6

In The Fifty States Copywork & Fun! Volume 6 you can copy & learn a little bit about five different states. These are the five included in this unit:

New Hampshire
New Jersey

This is much more than just a copywork unit!

This copywork was created to be simple, fun, and not overwhelming.These could be used to start off the school day, or to fill the time while the parent/teacher is busy with something else.
Print, DN Manuscript, and Cursive pages included. Suggested for grades K-5 but is very flexible for higher grades. 80 pages.

TWO FREEBIES! Multiplication & New Year...

A homeschool bits Freebie!

I created these simple worksheets to help my children with memorizing multiplication facts. Just copy the facts, then complete the multiplication wheel. No graphics make this light on printer ink. This is a good lesson to start off the school day!

Thank you for any past and/or future purchases of our units!

New Year Acrostic Poem - Mini Cards


A simple, fun resource to go along with your New Year studies. These New Year Acrostic Poem Mini Cards are geared for lower grades but can be adapted for other grades as well, and almost any teaching style. The beginning contains instructions and a short lesson on what an acrostic poem is. One set of cards includes the letter and word or sentence that makes the acrostic poem. The next set includes blank cards to create your own acrostic poem using the words NEW YEAR. 13 pages.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

MORE Free Copywork & Fun Samples!

These sample pages are just a few taken from 19 of our "Fun Study" units by homeschool bits. Only THREE pages were taken from each of the 19 units. Most are at least 30-40 pages or more. The full units contain fact and information pages, comprehension questions, diagrams, coloring pages, facts copywork, suggested websites, lapbook folds & flaps, lapbook cover pages, and clipart for creating a simple lapbook. Included in this pdf are sample pages of the following:

All Turtles! A Fun Study! - All Owls! A Fun Study! - All Apples! A Fun Study! - All Chocolate! A Fun Study! - All Christmas! A Fun Study! - All Deer! A Fun Study! - All Frogs! A Fun Study! - All Snakes! A Fun Study! - All Squash! A Fun Study! - All Sunflowers! A Fun Study! - All Turkeys! A Fun Study! - All Whales! A Fun Study! - All Winter! A Fun Study! - All Wolves! A Fun Study! - American Lobsters! A Fun Study! - Elephants! A Fun Study! - Knights & Armor! A Fun Study! - Motorcycles! A Fun Study! - Thanksgiving Dinner! A Fun Study!

These sample pages are just a few taken from the first volume of "The Fifty States Copywork & Fun" by homeschool bits. This sample unit only contains Arkansas and California. The full version of the unit has three more states included. There are currently FIVE volumes with a total of 398 pages. If you decided that you would like to purchase this series of units, you can buy the five-volume. The last five volumes will be available over the next few months. This copywork was created to be simple, fun, and not overwhelming. Copy amazing facts and information, do a few fun activities, and visit website links to learn more about the fifty states. In "The Fifty States Copywork & Fun!" you can copy & learn a little bit about the following:

Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia,, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri