Friday, December 3, 2010

TWO FREEBIES! Multiplication & New Year...

A homeschool bits Freebie!

I created these simple worksheets to help my children with memorizing multiplication facts. Just copy the facts, then complete the multiplication wheel. No graphics make this light on printer ink. This is a good lesson to start off the school day!

Thank you for any past and/or future purchases of our units!

New Year Acrostic Poem - Mini Cards


A simple, fun resource to go along with your New Year studies. These New Year Acrostic Poem Mini Cards are geared for lower grades but can be adapted for other grades as well, and almost any teaching style. The beginning contains instructions and a short lesson on what an acrostic poem is. One set of cards includes the letter and word or sentence that makes the acrostic poem. The next set includes blank cards to create your own acrostic poem using the words NEW YEAR. 13 pages.

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