Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Plants & Animals Bundle Sale - One Day Only!

Plants & Animals - 8 Unit Bundle - ONE DAY ONLY!
This sale ends at the end of the day, February 27th!
8 Units - ONLY $2.50
Animal Parents and Offspring - Speedy Lapbook
Animals and Their Needs - Speedy Lapbook
Basic Parts of Plants - Speedy Lapbook
Deciduous and Evergreen - Speedy Lapbook
Food & Farming - Speedy Lapbook
Plants and Their Uses - Speedy Lapbook
Plants Make Their Own Food - Speedy Lapbook
What Plants Need to Grow - Speedy Lapbook
These speedy lapbooks are not overwhelming and can usually be completed in one day!

Elementary grade level.
- Helpful lapbooking links
 - Example lapbook photos
- Mini information booklet
- Lapbook cover page
- Additions/foldables to add to your speedy lapbook

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