Thursday, September 5, 2013

Science Vocabulary Copywork Cards for Grade 1

Science Vocabulary Copywork Cards for Grade 1

A simple, fun resource to go along with your science or vocabulary studies. These Science Vocabulary Copywork Cards are geared for grade 1 but can be adapted for other grade levels as well, and almost any teaching style. Instructions included. 25 pages.


Print & cut the cards and copywork booklet. Place cards into an envelope, box, hat, or other container. The child/student can choose a vocabulary word, then copy it on the provided copywork strips. If there are not enough lines, staple more strips together. There are several different science topics shown in light gray on each card. You do not have to print them all.

Included: Vocabulary Cards, copywork booklet pages with 2 different line sizes, 6 coloring pages, and envelope template to store vocabulary cards.

Science vocabulary words included:
(Listed by topic)

Investigation and Safety
data, conclusion, predict, describe, observe, record, identify, investigate, evidence, recycle, dispose, reuse, goggles

air, cloud, precipitation, temperature, weather, wind

characteristic, pattern, precipitation, property, season, temperature, weather

Objects in the Sky
appearance, characteristic, cloud, day, moon, night, pattern, position, Sun

Physical Properties
hand lens, mass, matter, notebook, object, pattern, relative, texture, tools, physical property

property, soil, texture, component

cycle, natural, resource, system, water, pattern, stream, lake, ocean

Natural Resources
rock, sand, soil, water, system

motion, position, pull, push, magnet

energy, motion, position, closer, nearer, farther, straight, zigzag, back and forth, round and round, fast, slow

energy, light

energy, heat energy, heating, cooling, freezing, melting

energy, sound

Living and Non-Living
basic need, environment, life cycle, living, nonliving, offspring, organism

characteristic, environment, life cycle, offspring, organism, resemble, survive

basic need, environment, life cycle, living, nonliving, offspring, organism

environment, external characteristic, interdependence

Food Chain
energy, transfer, food chain

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