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Friday, November 29, 2013

Reindeer (Caribou) Fun Study PLUS Speedy Lapbook!

Please check out the 62-page preview...

This unit includes a "Fun Study" AND "Speedy Lapbook". Two-in-One!

This unit has worksheets and activities for various elementary levels.

-Information and activities about reindeer

-Reindeer map and facts

-Scientific classification copywork

-Reindeer review

-Reindeer diagrams (labeled and blank, also choice of color or black & white)

-Reindeer quizzes

-12 Fact Cards

-Lined copywork pages

-30 Reindeer word cards

-Reindeer match game

-Card envelope

-Hidden word puzzle

-Reindeer writing prompts

-Reindeer research activity

-Coloring pages

-Speedy Lapbook with choice of covers, 14 page mini booklet, folds & flaps, instructions, example, and answer key

-Websites for additional learning

-Text for the entire reindeer unit without the images (for the parent/teacher, older kids, or for reference and study)

and more.

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