Friday, January 22, 2010

Looking Back... Fingerprinting

Over the years, I have included tons of lapbooks into our homeschool. My kids always find them to be so exciting, and I think they will continue to enjoy them in the upcoming years. One of my favorite lapbooks was the one I am going to post about now, which we completed in April of '09.

I first have to say that I LOVE crime scene and CSI type shows. In all the years that I have watched these shows, I never realized that there were still some basic things about crime investigation that I didn't know about. Until... I forced asked my son to work on this one :o) He ended up really enjoying it, and even I learned so much about the types of fingerprints, Dactyloscopy, the different fingerprint patterns, facts about fingerprints, and he also did the activities on taking visible and latent prints. The only supplies needed were general items we already had at home. My son got to learn how to 'lift' a fingerprint, and also why people in certain branches of law enforcement need to know how to do it, and how forensic scientists study fingerprints. He also made a fingerprint file, and studied some new vocabulary words (they chose some extra words too :-) The lesson was packed with all kinds of learning.

The unit came from Currclick and is called "Science Sizzles: Fingerprinting" by Teacher Book Bag and The Heart of a Child.
Here are some various pics I took during and after :-) As you can see it was a terrific lesson.

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