Saturday, June 12, 2010

Flag Day - Holiday Study Series Now Available!

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Do something different for Flag Day (June 14th) or any other time of the year! This is a brief, but informative study about Flag Day.

This is part of the new Holiday Study Series by homeschool bits. You can easily adapt this study to last one day, or several days. Website links will be provided in case you decide to continue on.

Included within this unit are the following: information and fact page about Flag Day, illustration/coloring page, questions worksheet, basic blank copywork page with photo/illustration, suggested vocabulary words including definitions, blank vocabulary cards, vocabulary word search, diagrams of what the colors of the flag mean, and suggested websites.

As with all units by homeschool bits, this was created to be simple and not overwhelming. The suggested grade level is 1-5, but depending on how you use the study, it could be used for lower or higher grades. 15 pages.

Here are just a few:
The Holiday Study Series should be fun, interesting, and a change from the usual for your child/student. It could be used many ways.
- start off the school day with an interesting topic

- end the school day with an interesting topic

- a supplement to your regular curriculum

- to fulfill an interest that your child/student has

- to improve skills

... and many others!

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