Thursday, June 17, 2010

Gulf Oil Spill Now Available!

Gulf Oil Spill (Deepwater Horizon)

A Mini Study!

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This unit is current as of: June 15th, 2010

I created this as a 'mini study' because it speaks of a current event, so it really isn't 'complete' like a full unit study that would actually have an ending.

Has your child been asking more questions about the recent oil spill than you have time to answer? I hope you find this mini study to be very useful during this time. I put this unit together to try and give my children more understanding about what is going on. I pushed "politics" aside and focused on how this happened, what is being done, what is going on, and what the outcome could be. This unit was created to be easy to understand, and not overwhelming. Grades K-5, but very flexible depending on how it is used.

Included are the following: information pages, maps, photos, suggested website links, creature cards along with explanations of how the oil spill will affect them, coloring pages, lapbook cover page and folds & flaps for creating a simple lapbook. At the end of the unit, there is an optional quiz that can be used if you decide not to do the lapbook. 22 pages.

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