Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Observing: A Bird's Nest

New Observing Series!

Nesting season has ended in many areas. If you have found an empty nest, it will be a great object to highlight this unit. If you don't have an empty nest, don't worry about it... this lesson will walk your child through the steps to make their own nest!

This unit is part of the Observing Series by homeschool bits. The Observing Series will contain information, facts, photos, how to observe, projects, and activities. This unit is suggested for grades K-3 but is very flexible for higher grades.

From floating platform nests to nests in the grass, observe these structures used to lay eggs and rear young.

Learn the following:

- why different species of birds build different types of nests
- what the purpose of a nest is
- when birds start to build their nest
- the five major types of bird nests
- how to make an edible bird's nest
- what materials a bird uses to build its nest
- how to offer nesting materials for birds
- how to observe a bird's nest
- how to build your own bird's nest
- and more!

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