Sunday, October 17, 2010

How You Teach Science...

This week marks the 131st anniversary of Thomas Edison's invention of the light bulb...


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Thomas Edison was a brilliant scientist, inventor, and businessman. Do you have a budding scientist living in your house who would gladly take apart a light bulb (or a computer or TV) to see how it works? Do you enjoy teaching this sometimes messy subject? Do you use a curriculum or just learn science through everyday experiments? Blog about this, then drop by the Currclick blog, leave a comment or a link to your blog post.


I have three boys and three girls. I would have to say that my three boys DO like taking apart anything. My oldest boy sometimes takes things apart to study how it was made, then he makes his own out of things he finds around the house. He's made his own crossbows, catapults, etc. If a game controller breaks, he takes it apart and fixes it. I find it pretty amazing since he was never taught to do it, and it is quite a tedious process.

When I teach science, I always try to include a project of some kind. We've made cells out of clay, paperclips, cotton, and other household items. We've made catapults, compasses, rainbows, clouds in a jar, and some of the other typical home science experiments. Although, there are times when we just do a few worksheets relating to science, or watch a video. Almost all life science didn't have to be 'taught' to my children. We live in the country, and life science seems to be everywhere here. We grow a huge vegetable garden every year, along with hunting, fishing, etc.

I teach science as we go. Right now, we don't use any one curriculum. In the past, I've tried almost every science curriculum out there. Most were pretty good, but we soon grew tired of it, and would move on to something else. That's ok though. In the process of switching curriculum, there was still learning going on.

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