Monday, October 4, 2010


This is way off topic, nothing to do with homeschool... but... I can't help it. :-)

I found a place called last month. This place just amazes me. They carry some very expensive brands, and a ton of stuff that I personally would never buy. But, they carry a bunch of stuff I would buy... and they carry Levis. We don't have any stores in our town that carry the Levis brand, so until now, hubby has been settling for jeans from Walmart. At Zappos, I can order his Levis for $34.99. That's it. There's NO shipping charges, no other additional charges, and THEY SHIP OVERNIGHT! I receive my package the next day. I've placed several orders, and the package arrived the next day, every time. I haven't had to return anything, but they also provide a FREE return label the minute you place your order, just in case. You also have 365 days to return any item!?!? Geez.

I will absolutely be shopping for Christmas and birthdays on I love knowing what my cost will be, without having to calculate additional charges. The whole shopping experience on this website is easy & fun. This company deserves more praise than I can give them. If you get a chance, check them out! :-)

(Oh, and they don't just sell clothing... there's housewares, gifts, sporting goods, etc too!)

(They even accept Paypal.)


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