Sunday, December 13, 2009

All Christmas! A Fun Study!

Christmas has been a little different for us this year. Our family is taking a sightly different approach to the whole 'gift giving' part of Christmas, in an effort to not spend as much money, but still have fun. My kids were happy with our decision to bring them on a 'shopping spree' with a set amount of spending money, rather than the usual wrap and surprise gifts. This may seem different, or might even seem like it's taking the fun out of the holiday. But, it saved us a lot of money, we avoided the crowds, and the things the kids wanted were still available and not out of stock. It also inadvertently taught them a very good lesson on how far money doesn't go in this day in time :o\ Now, we have the next 12 days to do some crafts, bake lots of sweets, and visit outside family and friends. There's lots of fun in that :o)

I just finished up my next unit "All Christmas! A Fun Study!". It should be available for sale later today today on Currclick. This unit leans more towards the secular events of Christmas. The unit has information and activities about the Christmas holiday, Christmas symbols, the Christmas tree, varieties of trees, decorating the tree, Santa Claus, gifts, being thankful, family & friends, Christmas dinner, reindeer, poinsettia, animal crackers (yep, animal crackers!), and more. Also included are word searches, comprehension worksheets, coloring pages, facts cards, game cards, and lapbook folds and flaps for creating a simple lapbook. Here are some pics of the lapbook we created from this unit.

*This is the unedited version of the unit. I have my own children complete each unit that I create before making it available for purchase. This way I am able to add more or change parts where I feel it is needed. Then, after I take some time to fix it up, the unit will be made into a final copy available for purchase on Currclick.

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