Tuesday, December 15, 2009

We Tried Something New...

I've seen the live classes on Currclick now for quite awhile. I've always avoided them because I assumed they would be boring. My kids don't have the greatest attention span when it comes to having to sit in one place and watch a video unless it's Spongebob :o(

I stumbled onto a live class being offered on Currclick free of charge, titled "Astonishing Atoms" by Science Jim. I decided to give it a shot because who can turn down FREE? The class turned out great. The kids learned so much more from it than I could have taught them, especially in 45 minutes. I was very pleased with the whole process. Signing up and logging in was simple. The teacher answered everyone's questions. My kids thought it was so cool to be able to ask a question, and the teacher would answer it. (Go figure... what about when I do this for them each and every day???)

Bottom line is, after purchasing another class today, I highly recommend these classes! It's lots of fun for the kids, extremely educational, and makes them feel like they are a part of a 'classroom' setting. I plan to purchase more of these classes in the future, and also plan to check out some of the other publishers offering these live classes. You can find the classes that my kids took part in HERE.

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