Sunday, February 14, 2010

Our Valentine's Day :-)

My husband and I are not very big on all the little 'side' holidays that come throughout the year (Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, etc.) I guess our belief is that if you want to buy something for someone, we don't necessarily have to have a 'holiday' to do so. But, on the other hand, I like my kids to feel like they had something fun and memorable to take part in. So yesterday we made some homemade chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, topped with Valentine M&M's. Then, we watched a family movie (which we haven't had time to do in quite awhile) with popcorn (okay... we were waaayyy too full from tacos and cupcakes to actually eat the popcorn that we planned to make!)

So, that was the extent of our Valentine's Day. It was simple but fun. 

I'd love to hear some ideas for next Valentine's Day or other 'side' holidays, something family-oriented, that isn't too 'holiday-ish' ;o) What does your family do for these little holidays?

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