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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Some of our Language Arts & Reading...

This is a continuation of my previous post...

For reading, we're still using Headsprout for my 7 & 8 year old from last year. The program is pretty expensive, but they do offer payment plans, so I was able to do it. We are a little more than half way through the program, and my son is reading at what would be his second-third grade level. :o) Before starting Headsprout, he was behind in reading (due to lack on my part, not his.) I really think it has worked so well, that he doesn't even need the program anymore, but he likes it, so we'll keep going. I would recommend Headsprout to anyone that can afford to go through the program. They provide everything you need, along with a very detailed progress record. My kids love the small reader books that are included, along with a wall chart and stickers.

A friend of mine told me about THESE free language arts Literacy Place resources by Scholastic. I wanted to pass it on to anyone who might be struggling to come up with some decent worksheets for LA. The “Skill Builder Black Line Masters” for grades 1-6 are just terrific! These seem to be pdf files that go along with something else, but I’ve been using them stand-alone with my kids for three weeks now, and everything is moving along smoothly. Here are some screen shots of the 3rd and 4th grade pages. :o)

When I have some extra time, I will post some more pics, and write some more posts about what we are using, projects we are doing, and so on. Thanks for reading!

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