Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Fifty States - Volume 2

"The Fifty States Copywork & Fun" will be released one at a time, in volumes. This is volume 2. It is being done this way to help keep the cost low for each volume.

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In The Fifty States Copywork & Fun! Volume 2 you can copy & learn a little bit about five different states. These are the five included in this unit:












This is much more than just a copywork unit!


This copywork was created to be simple, fun, and not overwhelming.These could be used to start off the school day, or to fill the time while the parent/teacher is busy with something else.


Print, DN Manuscript, and Cursive pages included. Suggested for grades K-5 but is very flexible for higher grades. 80 pages.



  1. I LOVE your 50 states copywork pages. Any idea when you might come out with Volume 3? I have homeschooled for 14 years, and for the first time have thrown out text books! We are also using your History Timeline Journal. Thanks for making our homeschool day so much easier! (and affordable!)Robin

  2. Reply to Stone Soup Robin... Thank you for the comment and compliment! I can't give an exact date, but volume 3 should be ready sometime in the next 4-7 days. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm always happy to receive comments, suggestions, or questions. Thanks again, take care!