Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Some of our Math, Science, and History...

I decided to dedicate my extra time to this blog only. So, if you already read some of this on my other blogs, I apologize.

I thought I'd write a little about what we are using this year for math, science, and history for school. Somehow, I managed to slip away from the schedule I had planned since our first day of this school year (August 9th.) Last week was a little hectic, and then Labor Day this week has sort of set things off to the side. But, that's ok. We'll be back on track soon. We started our school year off really great. I recently changed a few things up. I wanted to try MEP math this year. We used it for the first couple of weeks, but yesterday, I decided we would go back to Advantage Math workbooks. They worked really well last year. We'll still use MEP on the side, but for now, the Advantage Math seems to be working better. I purchased them on Currclick HERE. I have them printed, hole-punched, and placed into a prong-style folder.

These are the MEP books that we had started, and will continue to work in about once a week. I bound the student workbooks with my comb binding machine. It was a cheap one (about $35) but works great. The one I bought is no longer available, but it’s similar to THIS one on Amazon.

These are a few of the student workbooks:

For science, we are absolutely enjoying a free curriculum called MSNucleus, along with various science unit studies that I create or purchase on Currclick. A friend of mine insisted I try the curriculum. She bothered me the entire summer about it. (She’s extremely persistent!) I finally decided to give it a try. The printable student workbooks and teacher guides are a little hard to find on the MSNucleus site, but once I found them, I was able to print this curriculum and teach it with ease. Once a topic is chosen, there’s a little section that says “Printable version and workbooks can be downloaded by clicking here.” That section brings up all the printable stuff. :-) We started with the “Applied Science.” I like this because it’s really touching on a lot of measuring, weight, math stuff, etc, along with lots of easy science experiments. There is a pre, lab, and post for each lesson. It’s very well organized. Most of the materials I already had around my house, and the rest I ordered from a place called Online Science Mall on eBay. What I really like about this place, is that they offered a plastic version of almost everything, which cut costs for me. Instead of spending $10-$15 on glass graduated cylinders, I was able to find plastic ones for a quarter of the cost. This store has them available in both glass and plastic.

Anyway, here are my student notebooks, and my teacher information for the msnucleus curriculum. I'll post more pics as we get further into the curriculum.

About a month ago, I won a gift certificate for $25. I used it to buy “New World Explorers” by Homeschool in the Woods. This is what I’m starting with this year for history. We just finished up the first week, so I don’t have a lot of pics yet, but it has been such a fun unit! Here are a few pics of the binders my kids put together, and also my binder with the information pages, etc.

Parts of a ship, labeled and colored.

The knot tying activity was neat. We used some white rope we had in the shed.

My kids painted the flags, rather than coloring them.

My two younger kids needed something a little more at their level for history, so they are working on “Ancient Civilization History Pockets” by Evan Moor. You can see it on Amazon HERE. Here’s a few pics of what they completed so far.

When I get some extra time, I'll blog about what we're using for language arts, health, etc. Thanks for taking the time to read my post!

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