Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Favorite of Mine...

Teacher Book Bag is one of my favorite Currclick publishers for supplemental homeschool materials. Their monthly Book Bags are just amazing, and always loaded with a variety of materials. Best of all, they are super-affordable! This publisher has a Yahoo group that use to be available to past purchasers only, but they recently opened this group up for anyone that wants to join. Here's a little info:

~By joining, you receive the opportunity to communicate with other homeschooling families. You get to be a part of the exchange of ideas and materials. Teacher Book Bag will provide information about all of our new uploads at as well as discounts and freebies that you can find there. You will find smaller collections of free material posted at the Yahoo Group. Teacher Book Baggers Yahoo Group provides you with an opportunity to talk to our talented writers, and request assistance through ideas or materials.~

You can find more information about this group on the

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