Friday, March 19, 2010

We Tried SpellQuizzer!

I had an educational software spelling program stashed away in my "One day I'll get to it..." folder. I was thinking my homeschool things through (I find myself doing this like... all the time) and decided to give SpellQuizzer a whirl a few days ago, and... wow! The main purpose of this program is to record your child's spelling lists. The program also has some sample lists included which I didn't try out. Using my microphone, (a cheap $10 one from Walmart) I said each word, then gave a phrase that used the word. I even used my child's name within the sentences. Setting up the list up was a breeze. I've never used an easier program in my life! (... yes really!)

The greatest part is when my son was ready for his spelling test. I didn't tell him that it was my voice, and that I used his name in some of the sentences, and that I mentioned favorite hobbies, and so on. He loved it, and was laughing at many of the sentences. I'm going to sum this up by saying this program is AWESOME! It could also be used with any spelling program, and even for vocabulary words. The price of the program is more than fair (I've paid more for a single educational ebook.) I am glad to have the program, and will be using it for any and all spelling lists. If you are homeschooler like me, you probably like things that are simple, quick, and easy to follow. This program is, and I think it serves a great purpose!

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