Wednesday, April 21, 2010

History Timeline Now Available!

My History Timeline Journal - Volume 1

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I hope you enjoy these history timeline journal pages. They are all based on a very simple and basic design. A few blank timeline templates have been included in case more space is needed. This timeline is dated for you. There is adequate space along the left side of each page for holes to be punched, so these can be placed into a binder if desired. The time periods included are:

Ancient History

Medieval History

Early Modern Period

Modern Era

A divider page has been included for each. Various figures have been included at the beginning of this unit, along with a few different cover pages for your timeline journal. 102 pages.

*Note: The various little pictures included are not labeled with any title or caption. If you are studying a certain topic, you might be able to find a matching picture for that time period or topic. These are just a quick mix to get a start on 'dressing up' your timeline. Please be on the lookout for our new labeled Timeline Add-Ons series. These will be labeled with the appropriate captions and time periods, and available for your convienence. Some of these will be free of charge!

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